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Default How to improve your basketball confidence

I mean.. You might think that Im D1 talent looking at me while im shooting around. I am dunking, I have super fancy handles, I can hit 10/10 from 3pt land, I can break my friend ankles going one on one, Im looking like hakeem with my footwork... but when game time happens...
I cant beat a center on a mismatch. I have 0 confidence in my handles. nada.
I am always ready to shoot, pass, score in the post, but I just cant dribble for shit.

Even tho I can make it work magic during simple pick ups with friends, but other then that I suck. Not that I have any confidence issues during socializing or anything.

Maybe I dribble to soft. I just have to know how to make me feel superior to my opponent. To make him feel like "oh shit".
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