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Default Re: look, I suck. How to be improve you confidence.

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic
I mean.. You might think that Im D1 talent looking at me while im shooting around. I am dunking, I have super fancy handles, I can hit 10/10 from 3pt land, I can break my friend ankles going one on one, Im looking like hakeem with my footwork... but when game time happens...
I cant beat a center on a mismatch. I have 0 confidence in my handles. nada.
I am always ready to shoot, pass, score in the post, but I just cant dribble for shit.

Even tho I can make it work magic during simple pick ups with friends, but other then that I suck. Not that I have any confidence issues during socializing or anything.

Maybe I dribble to soft. I just have to know how to make me feel superior to my opponent. To make him feel like "oh shit".

practice in game situations

go hard and fast when you work on your handles, you want to pound that ball to the point you are going to lose it

build in hesitation, change of speed, change of direction into your game

when the opponets see you are scared or inconfident of handling the ball, that's when they will press the F out of you and even trap you to cause a turn over.

for now, you have two choice, pass the damn ball to someone that can handle the rock or work on your handles
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