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Default Re: Why won't the Detroit Lions start future Hall of famer QB Kellen Moore?

Originally Posted by OJ SIMPSON 2.0
They won 4 games last year because those dumbasses decided to play the 2nd string instead of Kellen Moore. Keep doubting Kellen, he has the potential to be the next drew brees. Lions got a steal when they got this guy undrafted people doubted Brees because he was too "small" and look how good he became. Kellen just needs a chance his accuraucy and all around knowledge of the game is 2nd to none.
You know who else tore it up in college? Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, and Tim Tebow. They've been super effective in the NFL right? Right?

Dude isn't even top 2 in his position on his team and you are calling him a future hall of famer. Great analysis there buddy.
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