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Default Re: Manziel's pro potential

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
One of the toughest types to predict is when you have a slightly undersized mobile QB. I'm not a big fan but if you don't have a good quarterback it isn't smart to disregard him just because you dislike his attitude. His upside is Russell Wilson. At worst Rex Grossman with footspeed (Grossman hasn't had a great career but he has managed to stick in the NFL for a decade). Nice guy or not he has drive and talent. He hasn't shown an off-field issue serious enough to say he shouldn't be drafted; professional get paid for signings all the time.

Althoug, the size comparison is vaild for Wilson he doesn't have the arm strength(not sure about accuracy) as Wilson. Wilson has a very good arm and had alot of composure in the pocket in college which told me he was going to be an NFL QB. Probably even better than Luck at it as well.

It depends on the system for Manziel. He's obviously going to struggle in a Pro style offense but if he plays in one of those spread offenses designed for the new mobile QB's then he'll probably have a career. I have questions about his arm though. Don't think he's that good of a thrower. As for the maturity stuff that's overrated as the NFL has alot of questionable characters in it that makes Manziel look like an angel.
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