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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Los Angeles Clippers Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: This is the year Blake Griffin steps up and plays up to his hype.

False. he is so overhyped he will never live up to it. plus, he already had 4 years to show his potential. well, three, if you discount the one year he was injured.

2. On a suckage scale of 1 to 10...(1 being just run of the mill sucking, 10 being the suckiest player that ever sucked), how much does DeAndsuck Jordan suck? And can Doc Rivers help Jordan reduce his suckage at least to a reasonable suckage level?

well, the suckiest player that ever sucked won't be in the NBA, that's for sure. and DJ is less sucky than some of the suckiest players in the NBA. i would say 2.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Redick's and Dudley's positive offensive impact and high bball IQ's, those positives will be negated by their poor defense.

false. their poor defending can be covered up by good team defending. question is, does the Clippers have the personnel to cover up in their defense?

4. The one thing Doc Rivers can do that Vinny Del African-American couldn't is.....

get better production from players.

5. Will the Clippers get themselves together and actually do damage this season?

well, i hope for their sake they do. seems a huge waste of talent to keep on sucking in the playoffs.

BONUS AWARD PRESENTATION: The Floppys!! The Nominees are:

Chris Paul...with DeMarcus Cousins defending: claps.....
Blake Griffin....with Jason Maxiell defending: claps......

BONUS: And The Floppy goes to......opening envelope.......who?

is this even a question? CP3 gets this hands down.
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