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Originally Posted by hawkfan
Jaric is good as a reserve at 1,2 and 3.
Good at what? Shooting? Passing? Defending? None of the above?
If worse comes to worse, just let Magliore and Smith go when their contracts expire next year and they will have a ton of cap space.
I agree that letting those contracts expire is better than taking on a stupid contract like Jaric's, but for the record, there's no way we can have more cap space than the MLE unless we trade Redd or Simmons.

If the Wolves want Magloire, the main piece would really have to be Hassell, but even then, I don't see how the contracts could balance out. Maybe Ricky Davis could work. Actually, that sounds like a pretty decent trade for both teams.

Magloire for Ricky Davis. The Wolves would have to throw in one of their low salary players to make it work. Either Wright, McCants, or Madsen.
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