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Originally Posted by raiderfan19
I would love that, it would mean the end of the kmart to dallas rumors which will cause me to throw up if they ever come to fruition.
Please God no. Kenyon Martin? One of the worst contracts in the NBA right now. I suppose it'd be fun for the 19 games he plays, though.
Originally Posted by adamcz
If the Wolves want Magloire, the main piece would really have to be Hassell, but even then, I don't see how the contracts could balance out. Maybe Ricky Davis could work. Actually, that sounds like a pretty decent trade for both teams.

Magloire for Ricky Davis. The Wolves would have to throw in one of their low salary players to make it work. Either Wright, McCants, or Madsen.
Davis for Magloire works straight up. I'd love it.
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