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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Los Angeles Clippers Edition


PG - Paul/Collison/Wayns
SG - Redick/Crawford/Green
SF - Dudley/Barnes/Bullock
PF - Griffin/Jamison/Mullens
C - Jordan/Hollins

Head Coach - Doc Rivers
General Manager - Gary Sacks

1. TRUE or FALSE: This is the year Blake Griffin steps up and plays up to his hype.

Huh, I kinda think he has already played up to the hype. What more are people expecting of him? He will never be a good defender or great jump shooter. I think he is what he is at this point. Which is one of the better offensive pfs in the league.

2. On a suckage scale of 1 to 10...(1 being just run of the mill sucking, 10 being the suckiest player that ever sucked), how much does DeAndsuck Jordan suck? And can Doc Rivers help Jordan reduce his suckage at least to a reasonable suckage level?

1. He was bad enough in college that he went from being a consensus top 5 pick to a bottom of the draft pick (way too low). I watched most of his college games and he couldnt beat out Joseph Jones, a fatish local from Normangee TX and Chinemelu Elonu, whos sister is probably better than him. I think he has done ok for himself since entering the league. He is too "dumb" and lacks the attention and intensity to be a top tier defender, but he always did. He is a big athlete who can do thinks many other players cannot, but hes not exactly a smart bball player. Many other players do more with less. Hes disappointing, but I wouldnt say he sucks.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Redick's and Dudley's positive offensive impact and high bball IQ's, those positives will be negated by their poor defense.

Probably true. If they had great defenders behind them, I would think this wouldnt be as important. but they dont. This defense is going to be very interesting. Does Doc's rep come back down to his orlando days?

4. The one thing Doc Rivers can do that Vinny Del African-American couldn't is.....

Not look like a schmoe. I am not convinced that doc moves the needle on this team. Vinny looked a fool on the sidelines, but he was smart enough to let CP do his thing.

5. Will the Clippers get themselves together and actually do damage this season?

No. They will be a very solid playoff team in the west, but I dont see them taking the next step. Honestly, I dont care for most of the roster outside of their two stars.

BONUS AWARD PRESENTATION: The Floppys!! The Nominees are:

Chris Paul...with DeMarcus Cousins defending: claps.....
Blake Griffin....with Jason Maxiell defending: claps......

BONUS: And The Floppy goes to......opening envelope.......who?

Can they share it?
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