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Default Re: Suns release Michael Beasley

Originally Posted by PJR
Never had it between the ears to make it as a professional. Incredibly immature off the court. And on the court, he's just as much of a mess. He's proven to be fully incapable of playing system offense , and he's a terrible defender as well.

His next stop will be overseas.

Thank god the Heat were able to Get LBJ/Bosh, or this pick would've haunted me for years.

Same - I never feel bad about the pick because the way I look at it, if we took someone else the Big 3 might have never came to fruition (I'm a firm believer in the butterfly effect, and if we need got Beasley things might have turned out much differently. Maybe we sign Marion to an extension in 08 or trade for Boozer. Who knows.

If we didn't get the Big 3, I still wouldn't feel toooo bad, because it was the right pick at the time and the only other realistic possibility was Mayo, who Riley wanted, and he's just as much of a bust as Beasley is. Nobody would have taken Westbrook or Love at #2. Brook Lopez was honestly the only guy who was mocked some places at #2 outside of Mayo/Beasley/Rose.

Do you remember for one month in 08-09, at the end of the season, he just went on a tear? He was an absolute monster, totally unguardable. It's sad that he never panned out.
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