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Default Re: MUST READ: How to get a 40+ inch vertical

vert is a simple formula
the basics if over 15 yrs old
1. lose any fat if present
2. Squat 5x5 until you plateau then 3x5 till you plateau then - 3x3 till you plateau until your vert
3 when your squat is greater than 1.75x bodyweight than start plyos but keep squatting (your goal is 2.5 BW squat)
4 plyos, sprints, bounds, depth jumps box jumps

these will make you jump high but the best jumpers of all time had more than just this
the additional factors
1 long thigh bone in comparison to body (genetic)
2 fast twich muscle fibres (genetic)

the additional work
Case study Kadour ziani
being able to squat 2.5 BW and doing plyos will get u jumping high
but kadour ziani didnt jump high from doing just that because he is elite in every aspect
the additionals
1) mobility/flexibility (ziani can kick, yes kick, a 10 ft rim) some people say that it decreases the "rubber band action" of jumping if the rubber band of your legs was limp.
2) nutrition/ recovery foam rolling, contrast showers , ice baths
eating well
3) jump technique
5) grip strength to palm a ball
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