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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

While Trevor heads off to find an off-road vehicle to chase the jet, I head up to a quiet spot overlooking the city as Michael. Waiting is a van with a very special gun in the back. Think of the gun Bruce Willis shot Jack Black’s arm off with in 1997’s The Jackal; a huge, mounted rifle controlled via a computer screen. A small red reticule leading the plane tracks where you need to shoot to critically damage one of the jet’s engines. Three hits and the plane begins to lose height, leaving a trail of billowing, oily black smoke behind it.

This game just sounds stupid good now.
I knew the mechanics are #1 in the business (Max Payne 3 HAS the best shooting mechanics of any game to date, IMO); I knew the content rivals games like Skyrim; the concept is brilliant; it's Rockstar creating the game so you know the storyline will be epic but NOW they're benchmarking Naughty Dog's trademark of making EVERY little detail count.

Think of the Last of Us & Uncharted, and remember how every little thing in the environment elevated the pitch for the player. The electrical sparks, rain drops etc. it seems like that is what GTA V has done as well.

I can't wrap my head around how this shit is even possible; they have everything in this game. Every good thing I liked from games like Mass Effect 2, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo, San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption & Skyrim is in this game.

The only thing I haven't really read much about is the combat system; how fluent is it? If they actually implement a system that is as fluent as it was in Arkham City, then you might as well give this game the game of the decade, century and future century.

This will be the blueprint for every developer in the business.
Yep guys, thinking of the future; I think this game will not only redefine the gaming industry but will improve it beyond our imagination. They just slapped the shit out of every game developer in the business and told me straight up "Step your game up if you want to compete with us."

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