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Default Re: Suns release Michael Beasley

Originally Posted by PJR
Never had it between the ears to make it as a professional. Incredibly immature off the court. And on the court, he's just as much of a mess. He's proven to be fully incapable of playing system offense , and he's a terrible defender as well.

His next stop will be overseas.

Thank god the Heat were able to Get LBJ/Bosh, or this pick would've haunted me for years.
Come to think of it, the Heat's draft history since Dwyane Wade is pretty awful... even if they obviously haven't been focusing on the draft the last few years.

2004 - Dorrell Wright (19), Pape Sow (47), Matt Freije (53)
2005 - Wayne Simien (29)
2006 - N/A
2007 - Jason Smith (20), Stanko Barac (39)
2008 - Michael Beasley (2), Darnell Jackson (52)*
2009 - Marcus Thornton (43), Robert Dozier (60)
2010 - Dexter Pittman (32), Jarvis Varnado (41), Da'Sean Butler (42), Latavious Williams (48)
2011 - Bogan Bogdanovic (31)
2012 - Arnett Moultrie (27)

*Later traded 2nd round picks/cash for Mario Chalmers

Really, the trade for Chalmers in '08 is the only draft night win they've had in the last eight years. Granted, most of these were relatively low picks, but you will see most teams hit at least a couple times on mid-first rounders or even an occasional second rounder.

Luckily, they're much better when it comes to free agency.
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