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Default Re: Rome 2 Total War

played it abit last night and a bunch today, hate to say it but at this point it's been a massive let down. I played the shit out of the first rome and it was my favourite in the series. I've played pretty much all of them besides the original shogun which I didn't own.

They've changed a few things and tried to stream line things a bit but personally I don't think it's really worked out well. The ui feels counter intuitive now and some options seem a bit buried. Also annoying that it now shows unrest for a whole region rather than a city and it's not as logical in how you quell the unrest as the old games were.

I'm getting long load times as well which seems to be common from the reviews I've read. Game runs well and looks pretty but it's also really slow when the AI take their turns. I know you always could see them but it just seems really slow now with lots of sub factions having their turns.

The ai is pretty stupid in battles too so far, I'm playing on medium difficulty and I can sit back with ranged units shooting while the enemy holds their ground until they all run away and I win without actually fighting them. Some of the terrain is a bit odd too, I'll deploy some units to flank only to find out I can't actually walk down the path in front of me even though it is textured as a road and for some unknown reason I have to run around.

I'll stick with it because I really hope it gets better as I learn the new features more but at this point it feels like a dodgy knock off of a total war game for me.
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