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Default Re: Breaking: US and Britain pledge to use force within two weeks in Syria.

Originally Posted by Nick Young

70% of Syria supports Assad. That is according to a NATO poll.

No. Many of the rebels are not freedom loving innocents "caught in the crossfire" with no other choice but to fight against the evil empire.

The rebel coalition is made up of a coalition of many Syrian AND non Syrian groups, some are extremist, some are associated with and funded by Al Quaeda and some are all right. Ahmad Jarba is the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces leader. He is very close with the Saudi government. Also maybe this is unfair to assume, but I think that if the rebels ever hypothetically did come in to power, Jarba would not last long and there would be so much infighting and regime changes. Also only 30% of the population would want him in office anyways.

right, who should take over after assad..?.......i am sure all these "rebels" can agree over crumpets and tea who should be president or Führer .......... ........get your shit together obama, kerry and the rest of the stupid cast
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