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Default Diablo 3 (PS3)

My friend and I have a nice arrangement where we alternate buying games we're both interested in on the PSN Store and then allow the other to download it onto their PS3 as well. This time, he picked up a game he loved before his computer shit the bed...Diablo 3. I've never played a Diablo game, nor any MMORPG for that matter...I personally don't like controls on a keyboard, so it's stopped me from playing games like WoW or Diablo, even though the concept sounds appealing. I went on a quest with him (he picked a monk, me, a wizard) and had a lot of fun with it. Has anyone here really played through the PC version? If so, am I in for a good game? And let me know if anyone else is planning on getting it, I could use some more questmates.
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