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Default Re: Anyone else's favorite player Birdman?

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Or, they are all just playing along and pretending to be the same guy.

But yeah, seems (for now) like their all the same dude.
Seems unlikely since he's been doing it for over a year according to these links.
Originally Posted by JimmyMcAdocious

I'm bad at using Google. Just threw this " "AlonzoGOAT" "BrickingStar"" in and a bunch of pages popped up. Went through the first 10 pages and quit. I bet someone on here can get more accurate results

Skimmed real briefly hoping to find him going at with himself over a few posts. Didn't see anything that good.

I love ISH.
Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Heh, your just a tad faster than me.
New generation speed
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