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Default Re: I Would Really Like To See Clippers Win The West

Originally Posted by Boston C's
The great thing about the west this yr is that it is pretty wide open... while I agree with what you said (yea your in the minority about griffin) the clippers have a great shot at getting out the west... great coaching is underrated and doc will change the teams culture....but you have teams like the clippers, spurs, thunder, warriors, and rockets (although I'm not too high on houston they need more pieces) that can make it out

the east is pretty top heavy, theres miami, indiana, throw in brooklyn if you want as well(the vets will help a lot in my opinion) then the rest is pretty ordinary/horrible (knicks are a notch below miami/indiana btw)

I'm waiting how healthy rose is and how he looks to say anything about chicago

Really interested in seeing how Houston plays also. Harden/Howard should be a pretty sick combination. They are probably the hardest team to predict. I can see them losing in the first or even sneaking to the WCF.
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