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Default Tryouts/Condition/Works Out Start Next Week.

I'm now a sophomore and I was cut from my freshman team. Myself and everyone else thought I shouldve made the team, but i didnt so this off-season i worked my ass off. Going to the y and just playing every game like it was my last. I practiced on and off, got used to players pressuring me to use my left hand. My left hand developed big time. So what should i expect in condition and workouts? last year we played games for most of the time and than ran at the end. Any Tips that you guys suggest? Thanks. Condition will prolly be from Sept-end of october and try-outs at the beginning of november.

Btw, i can bench around like 90/100 (incl. the bar). Is that good for a 5'6 125 sophomore? or should i be doing more?
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