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Default Re: September NFL playoff picks

Originally Posted by Electric Slide
East: Cowboys
North: Packers
South: Falcons
West: 49ers
Wild Cards: Seahawks and Saints

East: Patriots
North: Bengals
South: Texans
West: Broncos
Wildcards: Chiefs and Colts

LMAO @ the Bucs and Eagles making the playoffs.

So you're laughing at people for putting the Bucs in the playoffs, yet you put the Chiefs in? I mean really, they won 2 games last year and got blown out more often than not. Apparently Alex freaking Smith is a franchise savior now. Andy Reid is alright, but he's not an elite coach or anything.

The Bucs at least won 7 games last year and addressed their biggest need, which was their secondary. They went from having one of the worst secondaries in the league to having arguably the best.
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