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Default Re: I Would Really Like To See Clippers Win The West

I was real disappointed when the Clips signed Jamison, though for the minimum he isn't a bad pickup. Was hoping they would have found a way to get someone like Zaza Pachulia or Samuel Dalembert to round out the roster, but it is what it is. Rivers seems to be real high on Jordan's defensive ability and Blake has continued to be a work horse, so I can see him taking another huge leap. His defense is also criminally underrated. While he isn't great, dude isn't Kevin Love either.

The Clips though, can come out of the West. Match-ups are key, and the worst for us has always been the Grizzlies due to two bigs that can take over at any time, and with them doing nothing but getting older, and me not being a fan of some of their moves (Wroten Jr away for Calathes?) but most importantly a rookie coach makes me worry less. Spurs are another side but they are older. I like how we match up with the Thunder and Warriors as well.

People really don't see how big of an upgrade Redick and Dudley will be. Jared is a solid defender and will be more consistent than Butler was. Redick over Willie Green starting the majority of the year, then an ancient Billups? Yes please. Losing Bledsoe hurts D on the bench, but the offense that has been added on is tremendous. Not to mention, an actual competent head coach to boot.
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