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Default Re: Rank their defenses: MJ, Kobe, Lebron, Pippen

Originally Posted by pauk
1. Scottie Pippen = The most versatile defender in NBA history, naturally that gives him the title of the best overall/all court/all player defender... perhaps EVER... thats my opinion...

2. Lebron James = Just as versatile as Pippen, arguably somewhat better at interior help defense defending C/PF's and transition/breakaway defense (chasedowns)... but Pippen had better man-to-man defense (better lateral quickness perhaps).

3. Michael Jordan = Maybe the best man-to-man perimeter defense on this list.... but limited to guarding SG's and some PG's/SFs.... still could be above or at Lebron/Pippen level of defensive impact, but nah, my logic picks the guys who can & does do more defensively overall.....

4. Kobe Bryant = Same as MJ's defensive abilities, but a notch below...

I agree with this ranking. Wade would probably be ahead of Kobe if he is included although Kobe's defensive peak was better than Wade's imo. When they were both at their peak, Kobe wasn't the same defender though. He never had a season where he put everything together at once like Wade did in 2009 and 2010.
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