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Default Re: Comparing the 5 Greatest Guards Ever

Originally Posted by jlip
I have no idea as to what trb% and ast% are, and could care less. Using regular stats pts, rbs, asts

Regular season 30.1/ 6.2/ 5.3
Playoffs 33.4/ 6.4/ 5.7

Basically all MJ did was take more shots in the playoffs (25.1) than he did in the regular season (22.9). His rebounds and assists were for all intents and purposes the same.


Regular season 19.5/7.2/11.2
Playoffs 19.5/ 7.7/12.3

MJ didn't get any better in the playoffs any more than Magic did unless you count taking 2 more shots per game as the sole criterion for "getting better".

Magic also retired at age 31. Jordan's averages are through age 35. Jordan's playoff averages through age 30: 34.8 pts/6.7 reb/6.7 ast/2.4 stl/1.1 blk/51+% FG/58+% TS. And yes, even looking at the numbers you posted, averaging 3.3 more ppg on 2 extra shots is a BIG deal, especially in the postseason.
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