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Default Re: David Robinson vs Kevin Garnett

Damn this is close. KG was just as good or a rebounder as David so I will call that a draw. Scoring I will take David. Passing I will take KG. Defensively, both are among the best to do it. David can defend the paint better while KG was more versatile, even playing many minutes early in his career at SF. I think skill for skill KG is likely the top 7 footer ever to play. But David is likely the most athletic and skilled CENTER ever along with Hakeem. So it might come down to David being a dominant center while KG was a dominant 7 foot PF who was actually a swiss army knife kind of player. I think it might actually come down to what u need. They are actually two different players when u think about it anyway. David while mad versatile and loved to faceup was still dominant as hell in the paint. KG is among the top 5-6 most versatile players ever and can plug more holes than David.
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