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Default Re: How to improve your basketball confidence

Originally Posted by mr beast
mind sharing what you are doing in that 3 hours?

if you are training, make sure you are going hard, do not just play pick up for 3 hrs straight every single day, it's rather useless because competition is not always good and you only get so much from it rather than working on your game.

Yep, mostly pick up. But if no one is there I just work on my handles trying to make all kinds of combos that are really tough, and just doing all this stuff while maintaining control of myself and the ball. I also like to create all crazy games , like Im dribbling doing all the stuff like I would if I were heavily defended and when car passes by (about every 15 secs) I pull up for a jumper. With the best foot placement possible tho, and not just jack up some fade away.

Or try to do moves from tutorials and shit Ive seen at home.
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