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Default Re: Top 50 Raptors ...


1 - 15 are not too bad really though much debate about the order. Bargnani is probably in the top 15 albiet at the low end.

Doug Christie is a glaring error in my mind. While his game stats were probably good his "half season hold out" after he signed a contract AND the fact that the CBA wouldnt allow a renegotion or extension (at the time) was a significant distraction on a team on the rise at the time (TMac Vince era). However that is intangible not statistical.

I would also argue Rasho had a bigger impact that pure stats suggest. In fact his stats per game are top 20 and he was the definative leader (I think) of that surprise team that won the Atlantic title.

But the debate on the relative rankings could be endless.

I would summarize only what I call the glaring errors.
Doug Christie not top 20
Bargnani top 20 but not that high
Rasho top 20
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