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Default Re: David Robinson vs Kevin Garnett

Originally Posted by f0und
the admiral

defensively, its a push. id personally give drob a slight edge.

offensively, drob was much better.

when drob was on his own, most of the time, his team was elite or borderline elite. when kg was on his own, his team always hovered around the lower half of the western playoff teams.

Robinson 'on his own' still had guys like Avery Johnson, Mo Cheeks, Sleepy Floyd, Doc Rivers, Sean Elliot, Vinny Del Negro, Dominique Wilkins, Moses Malone, Dennis Rodman, Rod Strickland, Dale Ellis, Vernon Maxwell, and Chuck Person.

He had solid role players and most of those guys played multiple years with the organization. Mo, 'Nique, and Moses were near the end of their careers, but still.
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