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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Los Angeles Clippers Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: This is the year Blake Griffin steps up and plays up to his hype.

False. I think this year is going to be pretty rough on Blake. Other than LeBron, Blake is going to get the most scrutiny of any player this year. The Lakers likely won't be much of a story, so the Clippers are going to have to carry the banner for LA. If Blake isn't playing like superstar or if the team struggles there will be no lack of shots being fired.

2. On a suckage scale of 1 to 10...(1 being just run of the mill sucking, 10 being the suckiest player that ever sucked), how much does DeAndsuck Jordan suck? And can Doc Rivers help Jordan reduce his suckage at least to a reasonable suckage level?

1. DeAndre Jordan doesn't suck. He's a hyper-athletic and very mobile big. He has serious flaws and it's why he's probably best as a back up big. He's closer to Javale McGee than Dwight Howard, but Jordan doesn't suck.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Redick's and Dudley's positive offensive impact and high bball IQ's, those positives will be negated by their poor defense.

False. Redick and Dudley are the exact kind of role players you need to win a championship. Ray Allen couldn't stay in front of anyone last year, but do you think Miami would take back signing him for even a nanosecond?

4. The one thing Doc Rivers can do that Vinny Del African-American couldn't is.....

Be a leader. The Clippers won't be Chris Paul's team anymore. He'll be the best player, but the voice of this team will be Doc's. It's an intangible, but I think Doc will be great for the Clippers.

5. Will the Clippers get themselves together and actually do damage this season?

I think its Chris Paul's turn. OKC has definitely lost some big pieces over the last two seasons since their Finals run and San Antonio is another year older (and may have just missed their last shot). I think that gives the Clippers a decent shot to come out of the West. I have a vision of the Clippers losing to Miami in 5 or 6 games and then we can start looking at all that LeBron does and all that Blake doesn't do.
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