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Default Re: Clippers might actually fail again?

I think Doc and Gentry will do wonders for the team. Doc on the defensive side and Gentry on the offensive side. With Vinny it was really predictable. At times the players didn't know what play to run it was ridiculous. They won games just on sheer talent. So I think the coaching will help, especially in the playoffs.
Griffin needs to be used right. Play him more in the low post, he's extremely efficient in the paint. His foot work and post game have improved. He usually gets it done in the paint. Plus he's a terrific passer for his position which when he is doubled leaves someone open. That's where guys like Dudley, Redick, etc will benefit. Plus if he plays in the closer to the basket his rebounding numbers will go up again. Griffin and DJ are still young players, having Doc will help them develop.
Thank goodness Billups is gone, so washed up..waste of space on the team. Just being honest. Butler was a great guy, but becoming a liability. A healthy Clippers team will go far in the playoffs.
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