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Default Re: Clippers might actually fail again?

Originally Posted by gts
Because it didn't occur to me. You're absolutley, right that's another one they'll have to figure out for themselves now

GTS = Daily?

They lost some "player-coaches" but greatly improved the coaching staff. I think they are fine with that exchange.

Originally Posted by russwest0
Lol, sorry we didn't lose 3 key players and replace them with 3 new key players hoping that it'll click this time. Roster stability is the reason SA, MIA, IND, OKC will be atop their conferences next year.


Reggie Jackson (gonna be a beast 6th man next year)
Derek Fisher
Jeremy Lamb
Ryan Gomes (will only get minutes when we blow out the opponent by the 4th)
Nick Collison
Hasheem Thabeet
Steven Adams

is not a bad a bench and it's hilarious to ignore the fact that this is a star driven league and that Russ/KD shit on the Clips and Spurs.

Erm, who lost 3 key players?

It isn't a bad bench, but it isn't a good bench either. What happens in case of an injury? Or starters being stagnant?

Blake also shits on OKC. 22/10/4/1/1 on 54 shooting with 15.4 shots per. Paul, as well, is only 20/4/10 with 3.5 steals/2.4 giveaways on 50/34/9 compared to the 20/4/7 with 1.5/3.5 on 38/29/82 for Russ. Durant is 28/8/3/1/1 on 42.6 shooting with 21.4 shots per.

Real shitting being done.

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