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Default Re: Clippers might actually fail again?

Originally Posted by tgan3

First, Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin rebounding numbers aren't really high at 7.2 rpg and 8.3 rpg apiece. You imagine they rebound better with their athleticism but no. Jordan is tied at 20th in the league for offensive rebounding while Griffin in 29th so they aren't exactly good offensive rebounders, something that you need when your team is collectively based on outside shooting (With the addition of so many outside shooters)

Wow... if you're going to use stats at least use some context.

DJ plays 24.5 mpg and gets 7.2 rpg
BG plays 32.5mpg and gets 8.3 rpg

At least use their TRB% from last season...

DJ's is 17.6%
BG's is 15.2%
Total = 32.8%

Last season's rebounding champ was Dwight Howard and his TRB% was 19.1% for comparison. Pau Gasol, his partner in the front court's TRB% was 14.0%. Total between Dwight and Pau? 33.1%. Not a huge difference.
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