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Default Re: Clippers might actually fail again?

Originally Posted by russwest0
Lol, sorry we didn't lose 3 key players and replace them with 3 new key players hoping that it'll click this time. Roster stability is the reason SA, MIA, IND, OKC will be atop their conferences next year.


Reggie Jackson (gonna be a beast 6th man next year. Is basically Harden but not as skilled offensively so he won't command the ball as much and take looks from KD/Russ/Ibaka, but he'll do better on defense and on the glass)
Derek Fisher
Jeremy Lamb (at 19 years old played arguably better than any player has played while in the D-League for most of the season. Dominated the Summer league as well)
Ryan Gomes (will only get minutes when we blow out the opponent by the 4th)
Nick Collison
Hasheem Thabeet
Steven Adams

is not a bad bench and it's hilarious to ignore the fact that this is a star driven league and that Russ/KD shit on the Clips and Spurs.

Your team lacks interior scoring and that becomes a factor when the pressure is on and you need cheap points. Having Durant shoot long range bombs or Russ putting up an out of control shot is not a recipe for winning basketball.

OKC have some talent, but they are not deep enough IMO now to contend with the big boys. Different story when you had Harden coming of the bench and YES you do have a ordinary bench right now.
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