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Default Re: 2nd movie and television character draft thread

Zhane (Silver Ranger) vs forfeit
Tommy (White Ranger) vs Illyria TRUMPED with the Jade Warlord
Snake Plisskin vs The Beast (Kung-fu Hustle) (prepped)
Angel vs forfeit
Gandalf (prepped) vs Jason (Gold Ranger) (prepped)
Batman (prepped) vs John Murdoch
Peter Petrelli vs Iron Man (prepped)
Drake vs Clark Kent

i'd really like to give gandalf and batman those wins but i don't think they have what it takes. gandalf can definitely die, he's shown some nifty stuff like fireballs & forcefields from his staff, and he was throwing saruman around with his staff but gold ranger is prolly too fast and powerful.

if any gm's or thesilentkiller strongly disagrees i'll leave it up for dispute and can go back and change calls, but for now, last two matches
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