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Default Re: 2nd movie and television character draft thread

hateraid (3) vs zen (3)
Darth Vader vs forfeit
forfeit vs Gabe Law TRUMPED w/ Gabe Yu-Law

harrycalahan (2) vs celtsgarlic (4)
John Constantine vs Darth Sidious
T-1000 vs Voldemort

kobesfinger (1) vs antihero (5)
Sonny vs Seraph
T-X vs Obi-Wan Kenobi (prepped)

iamgine (2) vs magic chongson (4)
Pinhead vs Sylar (prepped)
Imhotep vs Sing

couple good ones here. would sylar get any of pinhead's abilities? who wins between sonny and seraph in the battle of zen? does sing have the speed it'll take to beat the mummy?
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