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Default Re: All time greatest Spurs team?


01) 07: Impressed me a lot, older team but were very versatile and had the ideal star trio (PG + Wing + Dominant Big)
02) 05: Like the 07 team but younger, Duncan wasn't 100% though, Robert Horry had his greatest game in the Finals
03) 13: Went toe-to-toe with a great Miami Heat team, very balanced and adjusted well in the playoffs
04) 99: Twin Towers, couldn't score on them, had a bunch of momentum after their shaky start
05) 01: Weaker version of the 99 team and ran into the greatest playoff team ever
06) 03: Monster Duncan: 116 ORTG and 92 DRTG in the playoffs)
07) 06: Parker broke out a bit in the regular season and then did what he does best: choke + Dirk And-1
08) 12: Best team in the NBA until they ran out of gas + when Sefalosha shut down Parker + when they couldn't get any stops
09) 04: Duncan had to adjust to life w/o the Admiral and wasn't as dominant, .04
10) 02: Tim Duncan show, similar to 2003 but the Admiral was injured and they were less dynamic than the 03 team
11) 08: End of their mid-2000s dynasty, their fans like to pretend that Ginobili being healthy would have changed the series outcome vs the Lakers, Bowen too old now)
12) 00: Things fell apart, Duncan got injured in the final game of the regular season

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