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Default Re: look, I suck. How to be improve you confidence.

Originally Posted by Pushxx
One day I just told myself not to give a fuck. Fixed. Now I go hard, and nobody likes playing against me.
That's actually exactly what I had to do. I still get nerves in certain basketball situations but in terms of coming to grips with playing in front of a crowd, my best solution was to not care, or more accurately, pretend and act like I didn't care. It was a "fake it 'til you make it" situation.

Originally Posted by stevieming
Practice, I mean do actual drills. Not playing pickup ball, over the years I found that pickup ball whilst fun doesn't do anything for my skill level. To actively improve, you have to practice.
I'd qualify this quote a little bit. I think it all depends upon the content of these drills and games. For me, I feel like pickup games are a great opportunity to develop my game. If developing one's game is a puzzle, the drills might be creating the pieces, but actual games is where we put them all together, so I guess I find both aspects necessary to improving. And sometimes, finding how to utilize those pieces in-game can be just as difficult as drilling in those areas. So when done right, I'm a fan of using pickup as a tool for improvement.

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