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Default Re: look, I suck. How to be improve you confidence.

Originally Posted by mr beast
yep but the problem is that most people just play pick up only, they never ever work on their game. you wont really get any better by only playing pick up. you should use pick up ball as an evaluation to what is lacking in your game then work on improving that aspect of your game.

even with the above, i do not recommend doing the assessment through pick up. if you are playing organized ball, it's a much better assessment for the two reasons. 1. Referee will likely catch any of your bad habits as a violation 2. Your competition is generally better in a reffed game than a random pick up
I agree with you on just about all fronts. I don't think folks should just play pickup ball if they're looking to improve. Drilling is a huge part of improving. Also, if it's an organized ballplayer, clearly that's the level they should be aiming for and playing as much as possible within such a setting (scrimmages, summer leagues, actual games, etc.)

I was merely debating the point as to whether pickup ball could actually help improve one's skill level. I feel, when done right, pickup basketball can be an effective supplement to one's skill as opposed to being a detriment. In fact, I developed a lot of my on-court mentality and feel from pickup games and open gyms throughout my life. This allowed me an elevated level of comfort and ability when I actually did play in organized games and contests (in conjunction with the drill and conditioning prep).
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