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Default Re: look, I suck. How to be improve you confidence.

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I agree with you on just about all fronts. I don't think folks should just play pickup ball if they're looking to improve. Drilling is a huge part of improving. Also, if it's an organized ballplayer, clearly that's the level they should be aiming for and playing as much as possible within such a setting (scrimmages, summer leagues, actual games, etc.)

I was merely debating the point as to whether pickup ball could actually help improve one's skill level. I feel, when done right, pickup basketball can be an effective supplement to one's skill as opposed to being a detriment. In fact, I developed a lot of my on-court mentality and feel from pickup games and open gyms throughout my life. This allowed me an elevated level of comfort and ability when I actually did play in organized games and contests (in conjunction with the drill and conditioning prep).

yes sir and agreed. i just dont want someone to take it the wrong way and go out and play 2~3 hours of pick up every single day and wonder why they never improved after 6 months.
Edit: 90% of the people i see only plays pick up or organized game, they completely ignore working on their game individually to improve which is why i want to stress it.

i do that sometimes too, basketball is very much a mental games . playing pick up can be a great way to boost confidence and get you ready for the real stuff.
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