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Default Re: look, I suck. How to be improve you confidence.

You see, for me its completely different. Basically I spent like every summer for 12 years in a row, playing ball by myself at grandpas place in a small village.I played for like 5h a day . I did have like one or two games a month at most. So while playing alone I did all kinds of drills, and I really have good base, my left hand is automatic on lay ups and passing, I have a wet jump shot and all that stuff and great handles without pressure. So the problem is that I have no experience, and those pick ups like I played today are really helping me. Amazingly. From jumpshooter what I was, today I was the guy who takes the ball up court (we ran full court), and I did 95% of the ballhandling, because I was in the zone. Competition was tight, really good and I was playing game of my life.

My whole career in highschool ball, pick ups, leagues, I was just a spot up guy, but I think I finally becoming a legit ball handler. Feels great.

Thanks to you guys, I picked up a lot of good stuff.

What helped me to get it going, while I was bringing the ball up court the first time, is I banged the ball super hard few times to look scary and to feel good worked like magic

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