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Default Re: Michael Irvin: Iím expecting Dez Bryant to be named NFL MVP this season

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-

I think Dez would need 2,200 yards, and 18 TDs, and on top of THAT the Cowboys would have to have at least a 11-5 record...if that happens (and although very unlikely, it is not impossible) then I think Irvin may be correct here
Highly unlikely? No, those numbers are impossible.

Jerry Rice, who is pretty much unarguably the greatest wide receiver who has ever lived, never approached those numbers in a season. He had a 1,078 yard, 22 touchdown season in 1987 and a 1,848 yard, 15 touchdown season in 1995, but never anything really approaching 2,200 yards, 22 touchdowns. You would need to take Rice's best yardage season and combine it with his best touchdown season to come up with those numbers.

As great as Randy Moss was, he never approached 2,000 yards receiving and only went over 1,500 yards one time in his career.

In other words, impossible for Dez Bryant to approach anything resembling 2,200/18.

Meanwhile, will Dez Bryant even be the best receiver in the league this year, statistically? I mean, he has an outside shot I guess and it will probably be one of Calvin, Marshall, Dez, Julio, AJ Green or Thomas.

...not only will he outdo all of those guys, but he is primed the greatest statistical season in the history of the position? What is this based on? Sure, Tony Romo can sling the ball and he'll be the clear centerpiece of the offense, but their offensive line stinks. And, while Romo is a good quarterback, he absolutely is not a great quarterback.

I'd bet my house and everything I own against Dez Bryant approaching 2,000 yards receiving this year, let alone the 18 touchdowns to go with it.

On a side note, someone needs to check Michael Irvin's car for a crackpipe.

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