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Default The Bengals this year ...

We've made the post season two years in a row, losing to the Texans twice. That's pretty impressive considering the recent success of the Bengals lately. Going forward into this season, it's difficult to ignore us (on paper at least). Would it be out of the question to say we're not talented enough to win the AFC and make the SuperBowl, much less win it?

Do I think we're 2013-2014 champions? To be honest, no. I don't. Do I think it's out the question, certainly not. If we win the AFC and make it, I honestly wouldn't be all that shocked. We're stacked; the rest of the league knows this, but being the Bunglas, no one properly respects us to be anything important when it comes down to playoff time. All I'm saying is, don't be shocked if we actually make shit happen this season.
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