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Default Re: The Bengals this year ...

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely completely sold on Andy Dalton either, but let's not kid ourselves, he's been way better-than most initially expected.

I'm such a Carson Palmer groupie, I had the toughest time as anyone parting ways with CP, but after a rock solid two seasons, yeah, it's more than apparent the best choice moving forward. I don't want to get too much into it, but I think Carson Palmer now finally hooked up with an "elite" (top 3-5) receiver in Fitz). This can't be ignored. Will this change put ARZ right up there with San Fran and Seattle within the midst of the NFC West, probably not. Hell, with Sam Bradford fully back now and being so successful against his own division last season, it's very possible the Cardinals finish last in their respective division.

The NFC West is going to be interesting this season (and probably for many years to come considering all teams minus the Cards). Looking frward to it. The Bengals are ready now.

.... the Raiders didn't use Palmer properly, but now I think Arizona will benefit as they DO use him properly. If it were any other run of your mill season, the Cardinals would be in a great spot to stand out + make some noise, but where the chips fall this season they just happen to be in the toughness group in football. That's why I like this league, things flip-flop without warming,without indication changes are coming.

I already know this season is going to be special, and surprisingly, the Cincinnati Bengals are a part of that unique and special run. Fans of other teams won't be so quick to admit that shit =P ... but I am confident shit just is what it is, and if that means the Cardinals are the shit or just "shit" then so be it, but I think Palmer is a godsend for Fitzgerald, and that combination perhaps is the best QB to WR hookup since the draft that included Stafford and Cal J. Maybe this sounds silly, as if talking about is like some Rice and Montana type shit, but perhaps in a decade, we'll be completely spot-on.

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