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Default Re: Eric Mangini is/was a terrible coach and a lunatic (link inside)

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
Good read, but I don't think he was anything special of a coach, however I don't think this guy's account of Mangini can totally sell me him as a lunatic considering he was signed and then cut 2 weeks later. I'm sure there a lot of tyrant coaches in the league. The quotes from the GM concern me more than Mangini.
If this were just an isolated case, then maybe I could see why you weren't completely buying the word of a guy who was on the team for two weeks. However, Mangini's insanity is well documented.

In this article...

...several players are quoted as saying Mangini and Daboll (the Browns offensive coordinator during those years) did everything in their power to make Colt McCoy's life a living hell. He was our freaking starting quarterback and they despised him, for reasons unknown.

Here's an excerpt...

Another time, says the offensive player, It was during a walkthrough, and they chose Colt to stand in at fullback, for whatever reason. I guess he kind of ran the wrong route; how the hell should he know what the fullback was supposed to run? Daboll flipped out. Colt was livid. Hed never had a coach talk to him like that.

Several Browns recalled a meeting early in the 2010 season in which Daboll told McCoy, I just watched [tape of] your last college game, and you were terrible. What the hell were you throwing out there? That was one of the worst games Ive ever seen. Why the [expletive] did we draft you?
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