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Originally Posted by Hoodlum Science
This is interesting. To my knowledge, there isn't a black QB SB winner yet, right? At some point, sooner or later, it will obviously happen, just a matter of when or how soon. IMO, if I had to guess, just off the top of my head I'd say Russell Wilson or Cam Newton being a Panthers fan by default (NC native) or even Michael Prick (just always been a fan), I see some new-school up-and-comer being the Baraka Obama of NFL champs.

... but your statement is so spot-on ... and honestly, I don't see any future trends "taking over" or dominating wherever all-a-sudden where black QBs are winning SBs every other year or so. Will they continue to surface and make their presence known at the QB position, yes, no doubt, but like you pointed out, I don't see them being SB champs, on a highly consecutive basis - and let's not kid ourselves, that's what's most important; that's what matters.

Um...yes, Super Bowl XXII MVP even (and one of the great single game performances by QB ever, I suggest you look it up). The fact that you even bring this up and imply that there's difference between races when it comes to a single position in football is inherently racist. This is the type of BS that black players have been putting up with forever (and apparently still are) that there's something ingrained that makes not quite as good at playing quarterback as their white counterparts. The fact that you framed your argument this way and thought it was legitimate (and not disparaging a specific race) is pretty sad.
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