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Default Re: Adrian Peterson the MDE of RBs?

Originally Posted by Carbine
You say that, but put Emmit in that second tier.

Yeah, Smith probably deserves to be in that upper echelon, though I never thought he was a true all-time great. Accomplishment-wise, AP has a long way to go before he approaches Smith.

And, I think we can all agree that if AP's career ended tomorrow, Smith had a far greater footprint/career.

I have an aversion to giving a guy too much too soon. AP is a truly great player and he's on pace to be one of the greatest of all-time. But, he's been in the league six years. Just looking for some perspective, here.

EDIT: That list was not well thought-out or researched, nor was it supposed to be. I was just basically listing guys off the top of my head. If you want the true list of where I have guys ranked, it will take more time/research. Marcus Allen probably doesn't have the statistical accomplishments to be in that group, though he was a pioneer with his hybrid playing style.

As to where AP may end up, I don't see him catching up to Brown, Dickerson, Sanders or Payton on my personal list. It would take quite a bit. But, after that, I do think he could leap the rest.

I also take a few things into consideration... Peak play, accomplishments, statistics, longevity, etc. Dickerson did not last very long as an elite runningback, but at his absolutely peak, he may have been the greatest ever. That's why I put him in that group.

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