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Default Gay is more like Pippen than Jeffries

Watching many Wizards games and living in the DC area, let me tell you Gay is WAAAAAAAAY more skilled than Jared. Jared shows flashes, can handle the ball well but is nowhere near as skilled as Gay.

People are REALLY sleeping on Rudy now. It's funny because I bashed him all year for his soft play and reluctance to step up when it mattered......but based off pure skill talent/skill level, he's the best player in the draft. He's not JUST an athlete. Far from it, his jump shot is beautiful and he blows by people when he goes to the basket. If you give him an open look it's money from 20-25 feet. He jumps to the moon and can pass. In the open floor obviously he's exciting.

Now, i'll say he underperformed at UCONN given his skill level. But in terms of talent, I honestly think he's the only guy in the draft that i've seen that can be a superstar. Because I don't trust his mindset, I don't think he will be. I think he's fragile, and he becomes nonfactors in games based on if he hits his first couple shots..........But i'd be willing to bet he's just as skilled as Pippen was when he came out of college. He damn sure shoots better than Scottie ever did, and Scottie wasn't a bricklayer.
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