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Default Re: Eric Mangini is/was a terrible coach and a lunatic (link inside)

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
What is the purpose of constantly disparaging your starting QB in front of the whole team and coaching staff, regardless of who he is, how much talent he has or what he does when you leave? What's the purpose of it?
It certainly didn't work but there are people who believe it toughens guys up and thus makes them better. I won't say it's the right thing to do but that's where I bet Mangini's mouth came from.

Look at the best coaches in the NFL. They didn't get there by having their teams hate them. Coughlin is the only coach I can think of who "old-schools" his players and is successful with it. And, I pretty much guarantee he doesn't do the stuff described by multiple sources around Mangini. The whole deal with making players recite dumb mantras during film study? That's bush league nonsense.
I don't know about that. Mangini and Coughlin are actually both from the Parcell's coaching tree, Mangini via Belichick. Not sure how much he screams but Belichick is firmly in his players' heads and he has to have done something to get them as tightly controlled as they are.

And, this guy is writing a book about his experiences as an NFL toss-around. He isn't under the illusion that he was some great untapped product. The book hasn't been released yet, but I seriously doubt he describes similar absurdity in the other five teams that cut him.
Which doesn't mean he can't hold a grudge. HE definitely could be right but to me there's no doubt he dislikes Mangini and that may color his opinion.

Mangini is a loon. It was rumored during his whole time in Cleveland and I've seen nothing to make me believe otherwise.
Could be true, just playing some devil's advocate.
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