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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Miami Heat Edition


PG - Chalmers/Cole
SG - Wade/Allen
SF - James/Battier/Jones
PF - Haslem/Lewis/Varnado
C - Bosh/Andersen/Oden/Anthony

Head Coach - Erik Spoelstra
General Manager - Pat Riley

1. TRUE or FALSE: With that one shot, Ray Allen saved Lebron James' legacy.

False. This is the type of hyperbole that modern sports media eats up, but its just not true. In 25 years, people will look back on lebron as one of the best to ever play, regardless of this individual title.

2. The person who doesn't get enough credit for the Heat's success is:

Huh, Chris Bosh? Lebron? Battier?
Definitely not wade, he gets too much credit. Pat and Eric get plenty of credit.

3. Scale of 1 to 10 (1 being "Oden gonna Oden", 10 being "Is that Bill Russell?"): What will Greg Oden's impact on the Heat be this season?

5. I fhe is healthy, he should be great. But I wonder if he can move enough to keep up with this team. I kinda think Anderson is the better option at this point. High flyer, athletic and mobile.

4. Should the Miami Heat seriously consider trading Chris Bosh?

For what? Maybe. I think they should move Wade over Bosh though.

5. Besides injuries, the one thing that can stop a Miami Three-PeatŪ is:

(Three-peatŪ is a registered trademark of Pat Riley's and is being used without his permission putting Jeff from Insidehoops in deep shit so he better get some advice from his lawyers pronto ha ha sucks to be Jeff)

Well, they were almost stopped from a back to back by old man duncan and paul george. I dont think its close to a guarantee they win next year. Indy is better, bulls are better, brooklyn is probably better.


Don't be selfish! Only YOU can help the Miami Heat fans become REAL basketball fans!

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