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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Miami Heat Edition

1. When we're talking about legacy we're talking about years down the line not in the current moment. No, lebron will forever be known as a great player regardless. He already has no case for absolute goat so that wasn't going to change either way. A lot of goat players have lost multiple times in the finals.

2. Mike Miller. He's a floor spacer and has a deadly shot. He can also grab a decent amount of rebounds and average I think 20 sum points when wade was out during the rs.

3. At this point I think any positive impact at all is good. I'd take a 4-5 out of him. We've managed to win with an injured wade and a spookafied bosh so any help he can bring at all will be great.

4. As much as I dislike his game at times I think we should keep him for now and see how he does. Only fools would consider Wade instead. Wade has no doubt had way more impact than bosh does. Bosh completely disappeared in the finals uninjured, while wade managed a superb game here and there on one knee. Come on now.

5. Aside from injury, nothing.
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