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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Miami Heat Edition

1. TRUE or FALSE: With that one shot, Ray Allen saved Lebron James' legacy.
--For the time being, true. LeBron could have redeemed himself in the future by winning more championships. But you can't be playing with the expectations LeBron has been and be 1-3 in the Finals. Particularly being the favorite in 3 of those 4 Finals and playing much lower than his talent 2 of the losses. That would be a HUGE black mark on his career... Again, up to that point. People live in the moment too much.

2. The person who doesn't get enough credit for the Heat's success is:
--Chalmers, I guess? Lest we forget that he was the one keeping the Heat in the game when everyone, other than maybe Wade and Birdman, was playing like shit. He always seems to be hot when his team is cold and he always seems to come through in the clutch. He's also the perfect type of PG for that roster. Yet, he still seems to be the whipping boy. Switch Chalmers with slightly more talented player but different type of player and the Spurs win.

3. Scale of 1 to 10 (1 being "Oden gonna Oden", 10 being "Is that Bill Russell?"): What will Greg Oden's impact on the Heat be this season?
--5. I think Oden is going to look very good early in the season. Then he will break a hip or something mid-year. Then he comes back for the playoffs and ends up the deciding factor against Chicago or Indiana in the ECF and the Heat win the championship again. The NBA is too predictable like that. Bump when I'm right.

4. Should the Miami Heat seriously consider trading Chris Bosh?
--No. Not unless they get equal value, which I guarantee they won't. Why mess with a good formula? So what he had one bad series. Was Miami going to trade LeBron after the Mavs Finals?

5. Besides injuries, the one thing that can stop a Miami Three-PeatŪ is:
(Three-peatŪ is a registered trademark of Pat Riley's and is being used without his permission putting Jeff from Insidehoops in deep shit so he better get some advice from his lawyers pronto ha ha sucks to be Jeff)

--Poor play + hot shooting from the other team. The combination that can take out every team in the history of the game.
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