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Default Re: Michael Irvin: Iím expecting Dez Bryant to be named NFL MVP this season

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
both AJ and Dez are 3rd tier, along with Julio and Thomas and Marshall and Vincent

tiers go:

1. Calvin (a tier to himself)

2. Fitz, Andre

3. AJ, Dez, Julio, Thomas, Vincent, Marshall

AJ has played 3 years and in that time has yet to put up top-5 looks like he could be on his way this year but IMO he hasn't earned the right to be listed with Dre and Fitz yet

Dez had better production than AJ last year...all racked up toward the end of the year too...

Interesting. I believe most people would put AJ Green on the next tier up, just from how dominant he has been from day one. 80 yards a game and almost two touchdowns to three games played ratio with the arrow pointing upwards on his level of play.
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